About Us

We Beginning in Egypt 8 March 2019 As Egyptian limited liability Company.

Royal Agencies was founded as a General Trading company in Egypt in 2018 as a key supplier to Multiple Services, Oil & Gas industry as well as Oil and petrochemicals and Animal Feeds Trading and other services you can check in our website.

With the high profile reputation of our board members within the industry and a decade of dedication towards its clients.

Royal Agencies has surpassed its competitors in gaining the trust of the market and the respect of its customers. We meet the customer ever changing needs through dependable service and continual expansion of product lines.

We are the vital supplier to the Group of Companies around the world, focusing on trading of Oil and its products, construction materials and food commodities to North Africa, Middle East and the Arabian Gulf region.

Highly trusted and well recognized for our commitment to quality. Royal Agencies is expanding its operations to include several investment arms and subsidiaries under one umbrella.