Operation of factories

Planning, organizing and directing the manufacturing and maintenance process that ensures the most effective return on the assets.
Preparation of plans and initiatives that reduce manufacturing costs and contribute to the interests of the company.
Effective use of manpower, equipment, facilities and materials to achieve the planned return.
Achieve production targets and schedules while ensuring product standards that exceed customer expectations.
Working on the use of advanced technologies to serve the work and product.
Work to improve the use of labor within the factories, and work to keep it stable to achieve the return required to achieve the interests of the project.
Work on the establishment of management practices in all corners of the project.
Emphasize the application and development of occupational safety and health procedures and ensure the requirements and the adoption of rescue plans and evacuation and first aid in collaboration with the Department of Quality, Safety and Occupational Health.
Coordinate with the concerned departments to secure raw materials.
Supervising the rehabilitation of the production line, and ensure the stability of the specification of the finished product.
To confirm the examination of the raw materials received and to ensure that they conform to the specifications.